Wellness Through Juice-Si

Join Chef Terrance Murphy of Meallennial Living and learn how his fresh, live, organic, local juices can support your wellness! Discuss ingredients, benefits, customization of your order, and if you attend outdoors – bring a cup for taste test samples.

Juice Si is not only an extension of Chef Terrance’s culinary expression, it’s a core tenement of his holistic approach to health & wellness. Created in 2014 & recently rebranded, “Building your Health one Cell at a Time” through liquid love is something that can elevate us all to optimum health & immune system vigor.

Meet Chef Terrance

Chef Terrance has been slicing and dicing, and grilling and glazing professionally since attending The Art Institute Culinary School in 2012. Plying his trade in kitchens ranging from Café Green, a vegan restaurant, to Executive Cheffing at the Virginia Theological Seminary; Chef Terrance has developed his own voice while remaining eager to hear what others have to say culinary-wise. Chef Terrance’s philosophy on food is rooted in nutrient density, clean and robust flavors, soul/soil, and language. Language is how we all communicate with one another and nothing transcends and obliterates barriers better than good grub. Leaving a professional background in Finance and Communications, there’s nothing more important in Chef Terrance’s experience than engaging in substantive dialogue, good food/Juice, and group meals which create bonds.

Makeup for Mature Skin

Join artist Ren Allen (Faces by Ren) for a demonstration style class will cover tips and techniques for aging skin. Ren makes magic happen with all skin colors and types. All are welcome!

Most of us over 40 were not taught basic makeup skills as teens to begin with, and as the effects of aging set in, we often find that techniques being used are suddenly inadequate.

Skin changes include, age spots (actually sun damage), lines, texture, loss of pigment, and loss of elasticity. How can we look our best when it matters to us (because makeup is just one choice of accessorizing, but an important one at times) and how can we maximize the products we already own?

See how some very simple, and easy-to-learn methods can drastically reduce frustrations and streamline your routine, or give you a basic routine if you don’t wear makeup normally. From sheer and glowing coverage on the skin, to eyeshadows that brighten, come learn how makeup can empower rather than intimidate.

Because this class is demonstration style, it is not important to bring your products and tools, however, you are welcome to do so if you have specific questions about something in your kit as there will be time for Q and A. If you have in depth questions and need more one-on-one time, the best service I can offer for that is a virtual private lesson we book separately.

This is a wonderful opportunity to get a routine tailored specifically for your needs, lifestyle, and personal preferences. The demonstration style classes are great for gaining a foundation of knowledge, a tune-up, or a few new techniques. You will find it helpful to take notes at this style of class so come with a notebook, and all of your questions!

Meet Ren

Architect of self expression. Curator of color.

I am an admitted Tea-aholic, lover of life, student of the world, and mother to many. I live and work in the mountains of Tennessee, creating glamour with makeup and shifting self-image with bodypainting. I showcase my art on bodies wherever creative minds and artful hearts take me.

I have been working in the industry since 2001 both for myself and for a variety of cosmetic companies, including MAC cosmetics. Over the years I earned several certifications with MAC, and enjoyed an incredible career with them for over a decade.

I continually seek education both in makeup artistry and bodypainting to keep my skills current.

Makeup is just another art form in my world!

Radiant Health, Radiant Skin

Join Bethani Printz, Aesthetician and Owner of Centennial Street Salon for a conversation about how the health of your body on the inside is reflected in the health and glow of your skin on the outside. She will discuss habits that will improve your skin from the inside out, habits that affect your skin negatively, chinese face mapping, and much more! This is a virtual workshop so grab a cup of water and join us!

Meet Bethani

Bethani began her cosmetology journey as a High School Student in the vocational program. She later moved forward after being licensed as a Cosmetologist to go onto Von Lee School of Aesthetics where she became a Certified Aesthetician. She has worked for two Doctors gaining Medical Aesthetic training and has come back into the Therapeutic Aesthetics World as a Salon and Spa Owner. She always wanted to make people feel beautiful and to her having the ability to treat people’s skin care needs feels fulfilling. Skin care is a complex and diverse industry that is fascinating to her and she is eager to both relax and educate each client to help them have their healthiest complexion.

Surprise Coming!


Athletic Fascial Release

Calling all Athletes! You need this. You work out hard. On purpose. You get your run/swim/bike/lift strength building in because it is important. This is what is missing in your life. This hour every week takes away the pain, makes the body happy, adds to your strength, and yes increases your flexibility. Begin this class and you will never want to skip a week! Students may request to join mid session.


Check Back Soon!

Love the studio location. Classes are challenging and a mental escape for me. I enjoy the strength building and toning. Zoa is a wonderful instructor. ~ Jennifer T

Location 6620 Crain Highway, La Plata, Maryland, 20646 Phone 301-392-3723 E-mail Hours Open 7 days a week! ••• Education ••• Movement (Yoga, Pilates, Barre, Fascial Movement) ••• Wellness (Meditation, Infrared Sauna, NIR LED Healing Wand, and More!)
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