Vitality & Health Sauna

Looking and feeling good can seem like a constant struggle. There are so many messages telling you how to manage or change your weight and how to be healthy. Luckily, you have found your safe space here. Together we will focus on you feeling great, moving your body, enjoying delicious and nurturing food, increasing your overall vitality, all while decreasing your stress!

Vitality & Health Package

2+ weekly sauna sessions – each 30 minutes long (18 total)

3 months for $500

Enjoy all the health benefits of the infrared sauna when you heat your body several times a week for 3 months. What are the benefits? Read what Wellness Mama has to say. Go ahead and read what Healthline has to say. Dr Axe also has good things to say about Infrared Saunas – particularly the brand of sauna that is here at Zen and Vitality.

All purchases must be made in person at Zen and Vitality.

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