Organic Raw Juices

Everybody knows that you should eat your fruits and vegetables because they are full of good things for you. Juicing is one of the best ways to get vitamins and minerals straight from the plant and into your body with the least amount of work for your digestive system. Drinking your fruits and vegetables can be a regular part of your chosen diet or can be used every so often as a way to reset your body systems. Zen and Vitality now offers you access to the best local juices around with easy weekly pickup – along with your vegetables, grains, and flowers! Enter Chef Terrance and Meallenial Living’s JUICE Si!

Meet Chef Terrance Murphy with his Juice Si

Chef Terrance uses local, organic, in season fresh vegetables and fruits to make delicious and nutritious cold-pressed juices formulated for your health and wellbeing. Created by a classically trained chef and adapted to your particular likes and needs, the taste, color, flavor, and nutritive combinations of these juices are outstanding. Made fresh and brought to Zen and Vitality on the same day (Wednesdays!) for your pickup, these juices maintain their vitality (and yours!) for 5 days when kept chilled.

Each Thursday, an order is placed with Chef Terrance so he can create your juices. He then visits the local farms to pick up the vegetable and fruit supplies to make your juices. The following Tuesday, he juices and blends for us, brings the finished product to Zen and Vitality, and they are ready to drink right away. Pickup should occur by the end of the day Thursday so you get the most days possible to imbibe this healthful nectar. In order to meet his minimum order requirements of 10 juices, Zen and Vitality is assembling each of your small orders into a group order; Zoa is bringing wellness to us all in the best ways possible! Interested? Talk to Zoa about joining in! Need a juice sample before committing – just ask! Want to get more info on Chef Terrance, Juice Si, or order directly from him? Not seeing what you want? Perhaps it will appear in the upcoming seasonal specialty flavors. By all means, contact Chef Terrance and let him customize your juices to meet your taste and needs!


Juiced Carrots blended with fresh squeezed orange juice, ginger & turmeric juice, black seed oil, & a dash of cayenne & black pepper. You can request this to be very spicy or just a bit of spice. Enjoy this delicious way to start your day with Vitamin A, C, anti-inflammatories, and circulation stimulators.

Celery Root Beer

Celery blended with heirloom apples & juiced ginger root  with a splash of lime juice. This blend offers you a way to drink your way to lower blood pressure, increased magnesium intake, Vitamins C, B, and A, and a toxin flush. The ginger juice helps reduce pain and is anti-inflammatory as well.


This brilliant green drink contains three (3) varieties of green leafy veggies combined with celery, heirloom apples, & a splash of lemon juices. Kale, Spinach, Collards is a typical Spring mix for this juice. Summer brings greens like sweet potato and callaloo. Each week is different because that’s normal when you eat and drink seasonally! All the greens in this jar will get your brain and body buzzing without caffeine or other artificial boost. It is a great way to start the day!

Beet Breeze

Iron rich Beets blended with fresh Pineapple juice, & a splash of lemon juice. This gloriously colored juice is good for your heart and blood pressure, improves the efficiency of your mitochondria (your energy powerhouses), increase blood flow to the brain, offers a great source of Vitamin C, and tastes sweet to me! Consider this juice if you are dealing with anemia, migraines, or continued low energy.

Seasonal Juice-Si

Seasonal Juice Choices only last as long as the ingredients are available locally – typically a few weeks and then on to the next one!

  • April-May: Asparagus-Mint-Pineapple
  • June-July: Miami Verde (Cucumber-Cilantro-Radish-Garlic-Grape-Lime)
  • July-August: M&M (Watermelon, Mint, Lime, and local Bee Pollen)
  • September-October: ButterPumpkin-Spice (Butternut Squash, Broccoli, Bok or Pok Choi, Pear, Ginger, Cinnamon, Allspice, & Nutmeg)

Want to know the current in-season option? Just ask Zoa or look on the order sheet below!


Juices are $11 each for a 16 oz jar (jar to be returned). A $1 pickup fee is added to the juice cost per order. Wellness Members enjoy free pickup service on their orders.

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