Coronavirus Support

We are challenged as a community, as humans, and as Earth Citizens to protect ourselves and others from the spread of this virus. I want to support you in your time of need as best I can. Here are my offerings:

Harvard Medical School about how to have a healthy immune system – these are all wellness choices!

50 to Charles Regional Medical Center
50 to Fenwick Landing Senior Care Community

I have been making 4 layer masks from tightly woven cotton fabric and donating them to the local hospital (Charles Regional Medical Center), various senior living centers, MOMS Organic Market in Waldorf, Finding Haven Dispensary, Charles County Mobile Intensive Care Unit, Army Distaff Foundation/Knollwood, and clients. If you want to request masks, please use the form below.

Location 6620 Crain Highway, La Plata, Maryland, 20646 Phone 301-392-3723 E-mail Hours Open 7 days a week! ••• Education ••• Movement (Yoga, Pilates, Barre, Fascial Movement) ••• Wellness (Meditation, Infrared Sauna, NIR LED Healing Wand, and More!)
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