Zen and Vitality with Zoa

Your new home for Wellness

This space brings nature to you while you practice yoga, mat pilates, barre, and fascial movement. Big windows bring in sunlight. Wood floors clean easily. Bamboo shelving holds the props you might need. Green walls reminds you of a forest. Even the solid barre resembles tree trunks.
Green and brown coloring evokes nature as you practice yoga or move through another style of mat-based class.
The warmth of the Wellness Space reminds you to build a strong heart and heal with the Infrared Sauna, Inversion Table, Rebounder, and more!

Zen and Vitality with Zoa is a wellness center dedicated to helping clients create and maintain their own vitality of life and a zen state of being. I offer a wide range of movement classes, educational experiences, one on one support for hard to reach goals, along with healing and wellness modalities new to the La Plata area. My services strengthen the physical body, calm the mind, detoxify the body and mind, reduce the stress load that a busy life creates, and bring joy to my clients lives in small ways.

Zoa has been a part of my personal health and wellness for about a year now. She gets me there. What I mean is that though I’ve practiced Yoga and Pilates for years, she truly helps me to connect mind and body and really considers me as a person and an athlete. She always meets me where I am at (if doing a private session) and what I need right then. I am able to get in the zone to restore, recover, and strengthen. When it was discovered months ago that I had atlas subluxation, she worked in tandem with me and my upper cervical chiropractor as part of my recovery. It’s working because I am holding my adjustments most times. Now that I am back to powerlifting, I must continue to incorporate Yoga, Pilates (STOTT, specifically), and fascial movement in order to recover mentally and physically as well as strengthen and keep everything mobile. As a result, I am more balanced and am better and stronger with my lifts. I also feel less stressed, more refreshed, and sleep better! Thanks to Zoa for being an integral part of keeping me mentally and physically healthy!

~ Karen K, Personal Trainer and Power Lifter

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The Zen Atmosphere

All are welcome at Zen and Vitality with Zoa. If you are a non-conformist, open thinker, creative soul, interested in learning, or think outside the box, then you will feel at home here. If you are a by-the-book and a follow-the-rules person, you will be happy here too. We lift each other up and believe that we all benefit from interacting with the full diversity of life.

Please no smoking in the studio, building, or parking lot. Let’s all work to be the healthiest we can be and remember how our actions can impact other people’s health and wellbeing.

Please no perfumes or strongly scented body or hair care products inside the studio. Everyone should be able to feel good here including those sensitive to aromas or chemicals.

Please do not arrive at the studio under the influence of alcohol for your own safety and that of the other clients. It is my hope to give you access to many alternative methods to reduce your stress and help you handle life.

Children of all ages sometimes need to join you at the studio so you can practice self-care. I ask that you remember that you are the responsible person for your child – not me. As long as you, your child, and the other clients in the studio are happy, so am I. Every child has a unique personality, patience level, and abilities. Choose wisely what you do together and what waits for another person’s assistance. This goes for nursing babes in arms through teenagers. Please talk to me first!

Location 6620 Crain Highway, La Plata, Maryland, 20646 Phone 301-392-3723 E-mail Zoa@Zenandvitality.com Hours Open 7 days a week! ••• Education ••• Movement (Yoga, Pilates, Barre, Fascial Movement) ••• Wellness (Meditation, Infrared Sauna, NIR LED Healing Wand, and More!)
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